Karsten Meinster
SysOps - ContainerNerd - CI/CD

A snippet of Experiences


Let me give you a quick introduction, I’m Karsten Meinster and known…for well nothing really ;-). On the other hand, I’m pretty keen and savvy on mission critical IT environments. Setting up and maintaining a wide range of different infrastructures and making sure that everything is working as expected. Sort of like a full stack developer, except for the development part, I’ll let the smarter dev people handle that. On the other hand I do integrate their code into infrastructures fully automated via common CI/CD practices and make sure things won’t break WHEN things break. Using different techniques like containerization, monitoring, proper (continuous) functional testing and auto remediation.

Starting of as a virtualization and storage guy, specializing in Netapp’s and VMWare environments, I’m now mostly building Container platforms on public clouds and integrating them with already existing infrastructures (whether internal or public). Having worked for mainly mission critical environments (well, aren’t they all?) I know that automation and making things simple are of extreme importance. Another benefit I had throughout my career is the knowledge of enterprise environments, not everyone is running homemade software that does exactly what you want and how you want it. So next to building nice and shiny opensource environments I’m also really keen on how to implement these together with current corporate software.